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This WEB site is dedicated to the family,  hobbies and interests of the Doug and Pat Loukota living in  Glendora California.  That's about 20 miles east of LA on Old Highway 66.  We have been residents of the area since 1948 when the Loukota family moved from the Linda Vista area of Pasadena to a 20 acre orange grove ' in the sticks'.  At that time it was an all day excursion in a 48 Packard to see what dad bought.

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The following links contain vast amounts of information pertaining to old ford cars as well as common search engines, good music and a map of recent earthquakes for the LA area .  I added the topographic maps because I spent almost 20 years hiking around the country as a member of both San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team and The Serra Madre Search and Rescue Team.


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