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Welcome to my astronomy page, such as it is.  The last month I've been getting my scope, cameras, software etc. ready to go to Arizona with friends for a week or so.  This is the scope on a home made cart.  It's a bit top heavy but I have a step to go up and it works. The tread width could be a bit wider but then it wouldn't go through the door.  If I were to do it again, I'd rotate the scope 180 degrees to move the CG aft..


Hardware: Software
bulletMeade LX200 Classic 10inch f6.3
bulletMaxinDL-CCD DSLR plug-in
bulletBunch of eyepieces
bulletMeade DSL-ProII and filter set
bulletMeade Autostar Suite (came with the camera)
bulletMeade 216XT camera (all but useless but for non computer aided guiding)
bulletAdobe Photoshop CS2 with FITS plug-in
bulletTelrad finder
bulletMeade 70MM coax-scope for autoguiding.
bulletHome brew utilities, spiral scan, park etc.
bulletRoboFocus focuser
bulletSkyMap Pro 7
bulletCanon Rebel XTi (400D)
bulletHome brew Dew Shield

So far the best way to interconnect the hardware and software is in the following diagrams (Hardware Interconnect  Software Interconnect) .  When I want to start imaging, I start MaximDL 4.56.  It opens all of the windows for Maxpoint. FocusMax, telescope and camera/guider.  I like things simple.  I am currently waiting for MaximDL to issue the beta driver for the Canon 400D camera.  At that point I'll use the Meade DSI as a guider and stick with MaximDL 4.56 and Registax 4.0 ,  Meade software lacks a bit.  The fact that Maxpoint is used as a telescope hub is one of the main reasons to abandon Meade SW.  My spiral scan and Classic park program can access the scope at the same time as MaximDL and Maxpoint..

Equipment Pictures

Scope Cart Left

Scope Cart Right

Scope Cart Control Panel

DEW Shield Front

DEW Shield Side

Shield Seam

Interconnect Drawing

Software Interconnect Diagram


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