This page is still under construction however RC Helicopters was a hobby that I had in the late 70s.  It started with a fixed pitch (O.S. 10) that never really flew and is in assorted parts,  an early Hirobo .10 that ran into a light stanchion at the park, a later (O.S. 25H) Hirobo that flew well and I sold, and a Kavan Jet Ranger (O.S. 60)I built for Nick Phelps that he gave me.  The Kavan would still fly but has been hanging in my shop all these years.  Lack of available parts if I crash it will most likely keep it there.  Current Helicopter is a Walkera 60 that flies well but hell on batteries.  best investment so far is a flight sim.  FMS is good for the price (free) but you can't beat Clear View for the price.  It's almost $40 and rivals the $200+ sims.  The other two I haveare more realistic but cost more. 

Soon I hope to buy a new radio set and start a scale project of some sort. 

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